Learning Master Guide

Listed on this page are all the courses currently offered or planned to be offered by SpringDale Neigbourhood Centre.


SpringDale offers a range of learning courses designed to assist you in improving your overall well being to achieve a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.

Community Care

These learning outcomes are designed to cover a range of concepts that can be considered as a community care approach to heath. It also covers such issues that affect people living in our community.

Digital Technology

This set of learning courses are designed for beginners and more advanced users of digital equipment. Some courses are designed to assist you to understand and function better in a digital world.

Being Creative

Through a range of learning courses participants can explore their inner creativity. You may end up creating something new and valuable that you may otherwise never have created.


Future Direction

Designed to assist participants to evaluate a range of life issues and determine if certain future directions in their life are relevant and should be pursued.


If you have ever wanted to learn another language this set of learning courses is right for you.

Accredited Learning

This learning resources are a collection of training that is nationally recognised. They are offered by a registered training organisation in association with SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre. Accredited courses met industry, enterprise or community needs.

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